Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Harold and Maude"

Harold and Maude was an example of the new wave cinema taking hold in the late 60's and zooming into the 70's. Haven't seen it in years. Strange tale. With a macabre ending. I was accustomed to films like "Kisses for My President" in glorious black and white growing up as a youngster. When movies such as "Mash"; "The Last Picture Show"; "Joe"; and "Easy Rider" hit the big screen, I knew I wasn't in Kansas any more.
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John said...

A cult classic. I must have seen this film at least five or six times. It made me a devoted Ruth Gordon fan. I thought of it lately when TCM or one of the old movie channels showed Inside Daisy Clover.

vietnamcatfish said...

And what about Brewster McCloud? Hijinks in the Houston Astrodome. And Ruth Gordon came to prominence in "Rosemary's Baby." Ya gotta love TCM!