Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hit Me!

An old friend of mine is mentioned frequently in my forays. He will remain nameless in this one, however, because his blog is outdistancing mine by a long shot. Golden Pond has barely received 200 hits while the anonymouster is quickly seeking a grand.

The nameless blog is politically oriented but also has interesting tidbits about Starbucks and the writer's heart, which sometimes has limits on its space, and preachers who cuss. But mainly it's about Kurds, Iraq, Tony Blair, James Lileks, and John Kerry. And podcasting. Huh? As recently chronicled, the Pond barely knows how to copy and paste. So what's a blogger to do? ( apologies to Jiff )

A new name, maybe? Spicy Golden Pond, perhaps. Where we try a different angle.

The beautiful blonde is mesmerized by Vee Cee, the hunk of all hunks. "How can I please you, Vee?" They had just met in a singles bar and had returned to Vee's crib.

"No one can please Vee, my love, even tho all of womankind has tried," his hand gently unclasping her bra strap."

"Make passionate love to me, Vee Cee! I will be your love slave," she gasps unable to control herself.

"Yes, darling. I know you are putty in my hands," he says, while gently massaging her inner thigh.

"Vee Cee. You're the best lover I've ever had," she screams.

"It was a blast, luv, but I gotta go," he says, exhaling a smoke ring from his freshly lit cigarette.
He strokes her teased bleach-blonde hair

"I love you, Vee. Don't go!" she pleads as if in denial....

Maybe that's the way to go in order to catch the nameless blogger. Or:

Yes, John Kerry gets my vote by Vee Cee!

John Kerry, the charismatic senator from Mass., proudly proclaims victory in all three debates, as Vee Cee gently massages her inner thigh and caresses her bleach-blond hair....

Farewell and adieu, vee cee

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