Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Fess Up Time"

It's almost Turkey Time. In a few weeks strawberries will go out of season and a few days later, the World will celebrate Thanksgiving. Not sure if all the World celebrates, but we sure do here in the good 'ol U.S. of A.

Families will get together and eat turkey, dressing, yams, blackeyed peas with hog jowls, cornbread, rolls, greens, [ maybe that's a southern thang ] congealed salads, and, of course, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, mincemeat, pies And one or two African-Americans will brag of their Thanksgiving fare of chitlins and pig feet. Just for the shock value.

And a semi well known cafeteria chain will sell Turkey packages and Ham packages with sides of brocolli and rice, green beans, and carrot souffle. What in the hell is carrot souffle you may ask? One of the companies more popular offerings for Thanksgiving.

Two questions! When was this tasty morsel introduced? And by whom? Was it the company's thinktank who decided one day to steam some carrots until they were pureed-"hey let's add beaucoup sugar and a few more ingredients and throw it in the oven. See if it rises and call it carrot souffle. Or was it through the efforts of one individual?

The following article is from "The Atlanta Journal" circa May 2005. Seems the recipe for carrot souffle is a hot item.

For the record yours truly introduced carrot souffle to this semi-cafeteria chain. And who was also unceremoniously canned after 30 plus years of loyal servitude. Well, maybe I did write a few disparaging articles on the PIC message board, but if they can't take a joke....

Gimme shelter, v.c.

2 comments: said...

And now that recipe has been introduced to the L-word cafeteria chain. Ooooppppps, they are not a cafeteria chain any more. They are RESTAURANTs!!! They have been replacing 20+ year managers by hiring P & M managers (who brought a variation of the carrot souffle recipe to L- chain) The variations are: don't peel the carrots (too much labor)use margerine not butter, (food costs)and use frozen pastuerized eggs instead of fresh eggs (in the name of food safety of course). There were no dinner mints called for in this Pic to L recipe. I and my first cook each made a batch of this "profound new L recipe". It was tasted and reviewed by me and any of the staff that wanted to taste the product, I even made another batch and peeled the carrots. It was better but still lacked the taste and eye appeal that we wanted to present to our customers. So I made the same decision for this recipe as I made 20 years earlier when I first saw and tasted "cottage cake". I would not have this item on my line.
PS I left the L place for many reasons 4 months ago. I worked with Rockhead and have continued to read the L yahoo board every now and then. My snap judgement of you and hoots is that yall are quality people that really cared about all aspects of the business not just the bottom line. I have not read hoots blog or really taken the time to find it, but from the L board I know that yall truly understood the business and know there is more to business and life than just the bottom line!

IBBQ4YOU2 said...

I know for a fact that V.C. was the one who introduced the carrot souffle recipe to Pic back in the day. That single recipe has made millions for Pic. Still it is one of the most popular items on the Pic menu. It is company policy to run it every day. And run it they do, for if it is not available, the customers always complain. And poor old V.C. never recieved a decent compensation for his contribution.