Friday, September 01, 2006

"Miracle Spring Water from Peter Popoff"


I must tell you…out of the blue, most unexpectedly came a letter from the Canada Teachers Pension Plan for $5,924.00. Wow! I was so surprised. It was as you said-from an "unexpected source". This will just take the "Krunch" off some of these bills, and I can breathe for awhile.
--Sister C. Tunkin, Queensville, ON

My daughter…is in her 4th year for Nursing. I put the red string above her front door. She told me her husband's uncle sent them a cheque for $48,000.00 to pay off all her university schooling debts! Praise God!
--Sis B. Roberts, Richmond, BC

You said that I would receive a new job and get $250.00 to $500.00 increase per month and already I got that job with the increase of pay over $250.00
--Sister Renwick, Mississauga, ON

Thank you for your prayers. Last week I found out that I had an account with enough money in it to pay almost all of my credit cards. This was a total surprise to me. Thank you again for praying with me.
--Sister C. Bercier, Vanier, ON Canada

My son, Timothy has been cleaned of drug use the past month and those horrendous attacks have stopped. Glory to God. Thanks for your love and prayers on our behalf.
--Sister Gagnon, BC, Canada

I was sad and depressed because of my job and my boss. He was sarcastic, demanding, unyielding, and maniacal. That is until I saw your ministry last night on television. I got my free bottle of mineral spring water and voila. I am now my boss' trusted lieutenant; he gave me a big raise; and now all of my financial concerns are kaput, fini.' Thanks, Reverend Popoff.

--Brother v.c. Pon Jovi, Golden Pond

P.S. Sister Kitty would love her own bottle, too.

P.S.S. My boss is no longer a dickhead. And I owe it all to you and the miracle spring water.

I wrote for prayer for my son, for a drinking problem. Well some weeks ago he told me he quit drinking! At three parties with alcohol, I observed no drinking and no smoking. I give God the Glory and Thank you.
--Sister B Sampson, Winnipeg, MB

Thank you so much for your care and prayers. God did a big miracle in Ledia's life because of your prayers she quit drugs and drinking five months ago and a month ago she quit smoking!
-- Sister G. Tesfaye, New Westminster, BC CANADA

I received the miracle spring water and the blessed cakes in Jesus' name. Everything around me and my family is different. Blessings have been occurring. You were not wrong; it was a $17,000 loan that was granted to me to pay off most of my debts. You're a guiding light. I thank the Lord for your prayers. I see myself now walking in the right path.
Brother E. Sotomayor, Bronx, NY (4/22/04)

Thank you so much for my miracle I was looking forward to hearing from you. I used your water as you told me my pain in my chest has gone away. Also you told me I would receive some money and I did about $2,000.00… thank you for helping me and other people keep up your good work.
---Sister M. Bissessar, Brantford, ON Canada

Rev Peter Popoff I am so glad that we are in contact with each other, your prayers for us is a blessing, one thing I have been asking the lord for was a home, thanks to you for all of your prayers my wish came true. I now have a home of my own and that's not all my husband received a $302,000.00 check in the mail the other day unexpectedly. You told me in the letter that miracle money would come true and it has. Thank you so very much for all of your prayers god is good and he has blessed me tremendously .
-- Mrs. Bladensburg

I just had to write and tell you that I received your spring water and I followed your instructions. My daughter was blessed with a new home that same day I used the spring water. Thank you for praying for me and my family. I wrote and asked you to bless my daughter with a new home. May God bless you.
--Sister Butler, Roosevelt, NY

Thanks for your prayers. I want to share with you what God has done for me. I just bought a house with no money down at all. It is a brand new house. I cannot thank God enough for his gift and I cannot thank you enough for praying for me… Once again thanks for everything you have done for me.
--Sister M. Salazar, Surprise, AZ

In early February I received my first letter from you. You asked for a $17 seed gift. The next morning I placed the gift in the mail. Later that day I received a letter from the Federal Government stating they owed me $11,110. Prophet Popoff, you mentioned I would receive between $1,700-$17,000. Well I'm happy to report I received a little over $1,700 (federal tax return).
--Anonymous Partner
My little granddaughter was sick and I put the red cloth on her head and she got much better and sat right up. Thank you for the prayer cloth that you sent me.
--E. Bridgeman, Quebec, Canada

I did as you told me to in using the miracle spring water. I anointed my whole body with it and under my breast where there were black spots and now it is all gone, my breast is clean.
--E. Bridgeman, Quebec, Canada

I laid my hands on yours through the television. You looked right in my eyes and began to tell the financial burden that was depressing me and making me sick to go in the name of Jesus and I felt it leave…. You also said I would receive money with the next four days. Well Praise God! Three days later I received enough money to make a house payment. Thank you so much for letting God use you!
--Sister B. Bowen, Constantine, MI

I have been suffering with a herniated disc bulging in my spine for 34 years. You told me to mark off the days because something big was going to happen. In the morning I woke up to pray and during the time I was praying I felt different. At the end of the praying it came to me that I don't have any pain at all! I now feel much better in health. Thanks to your prayers I have no more back problems!
--Brother L. Samuels, Spring Hill, FL.

I asked for you to pray for my son's ears that he wouldn't have to have surgery again. Peter Popoff, let me tell you the good news. I took my son back to have his ears checked. The doctor said his ears are fine. He can hear good and he wouldn't have to come back and no surgery. Praise God for he is worthy.
-- Sister M. Banks, Paducah, KY

You told me that I would be healed from the ear problem in the year 2004 and in December 2004. I was completely healed thanks to God working through you and your prayers!
---Brother Gregory, London, England

I greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I wrote you for the anointed Spring Water. Instead I received the green prayer cloth. I say anointing is anointing whether it be water, oil or cloth it's from the hand of an anointed man of God. I have glaucoma and could not see without glasses. Now I write this letter without glasses and can read my Bible without glasses. I thank the Lord for what he has done through you.
--Sister A. Lockiby, Trinidad (5/14/04)

I received the Miracle Spring Water. The same night, I anointed my lower back and my knees. I also stopped my medication. Well, it is going on nine days... I have no pain! The pain I had in my lower back I had since 1973. Many thanks and God bless you.
-- Sister J. Morency, Perth, ON CANADA (5/17/04)

I am writing you to inform you that since you send me that miracle water I been blessed in health. I can't walk five steps. My son called me and said "I am taking you for a walk". He took me to the lake. I walked one mile. My body feels like a new me. The next day he took me to walk some stairs. I walked 3 hundred and some stairs. That's the greatest thing I ever witnessed.
--Sister M. Jackson, Oakland, CA (5/19/04)

My husband had been on heroin for about 5 years. He has truly been delivered. He has not used drugs in 90 days. Praise God. You are truly God sent and truly a prophet of God.
-- Sister D. Brown, Pittsburg, PA

I thank you Peter for praying for me and my daughter Surina. She is drug free now, she found a husband and she is expecting a baby, I thank you for everything.
--Sister S. G., Satafort, VA

I wrote you a while back feeling really sad and depressed about thoughts of killing myself. I am writing now to let you know that I did not. Thanks for caring enough to leave a message on my answering machine. I am no longer feeling so depressed and I again love life and I love God.
--Sister J. Hibbs, Triton, Netherlands
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Why didn't you pour the magic water on your sagging manhood, or perhaps on your balding head? Great testimonial dude. This testimonial will be used in future scams by the great Peter (sounds like an ejaculation to me) Popoff.