Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Time for ketchup and pass the grey poupon.

Kudos to the KC Royals for outlasting the Oakland A's in extra innings.

I have now become obsessed with "Forensic Files." Are people that devious and stupid to think they can get away with murder.

The Braves suck as usual and didn't make the playoffs. Gone is Frank Wren, the gm, and the hitting coach resigned today. Freddi Gonzalez should be looking for a new job....and soon.

Gordon Ramsey is a pompous puck. But his shows are entertaining.

Old Betsy. my Buick Park Avenue, has a new sister. Haven't named her yet, but she is a Buick LeSabre. 2005 model which suits and fits my 6 foot 5 inch frame just fine.

Winning the lottery has evaded me. So trips around the worls, villas on the Mediterranean, and charitable donations are on hold....for the moment. 1 in 80 zillion aren't the best  odds.

Pat yourself on the back: yours truly ousted 64 contestants in the Ga Poker Nights monthly tournament.
And won $500 smackers. Humble to a fault I outplayed my last adversary. Beat him like a drum-he didn't know what hit him.

Big as all cuffy is an expression my mom used a lot. Meaning you're a pompus puck.

Piccadilly Cafeteria keeps airing ads on the boob tube. Nuff said. Thanks for the mammaries.

Farewell and adieu. The poupon is delish.

P.S. Please pass the jelly.


Debra Brooks said...

Good job Oz... spin to the rim and I hit you with a pass.

Debra Brooks said...

Good job Oz... spin to the rim and I will hit you with a pass.

vietnamcatfish said...

Thanks Paul I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment. Hopefully, we can play some cards soon. I learned a new game tonight. Big 2's. You would like it. Kinda like spades in which you were the master. You with the computer mind and all that. Big Boy aka Harry P.S. When are we going back to Biloxi? Say hello to Debra and the kids. Love you!

Anonymous said...

How u doing? I almost went to see Chigago at Chastain park recently,but I didn't go.I knew you just saw them, or I would have asked you if you wanted to go. I do have 2 recorded concerts I recorded on my dvr that are 2-3 years old. On one, they play the last 3-4 Chicago songs with the Doobie Brothers.I think the channel is called AMS. Big stage with brass featured much more, constantly moving / rotating on stage.I loved both shows. Jimmy P. and Lee L. had an extended jam / showdown, front and center at one point. /Good stuff. Can't believe they are still at it, and still sound good.
I guess you heard about Allen Buffalo. Really sad to hear that.
Take care, Slippery

vietnamcatfish said...

Always good to hear from you, Slippery. We should have gone to see Chicago. I really want to see Paul McCartney. October 15. But I'm scheduled to work. Your concerts sound like the bomb. Didn't know about Allen. Call me: 678-707-1869.P.S. I really liked your spit valve thought of the day. Very clever.

Anonymous said...

You beat him like a drum. $500, that's pretty darn cool.
Sounds like you beat him WITH the spit valve with your slide trombone freshly oiled... SLIDER OSBORNE


vietnamcatfish said...

I won again last night. At Y Knots here on the pond. $30. Life is good. P.S. To post comments I must prove I'm not a robot. Lol.