Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Pax the Storm" Rejected Titles

Pax is the name of the storm that crippled the southeast and is now causing havoc in the northeast. I'm wondering where the name Pax originated. After some investigative research, it was learned that these names were rejected. All prospective names had to begin with a p.

1) Pickahilly. Rejected. Pickahilly seemed too insensitive to those finding traction impossible on the slippery slopes.

2) Phart. Rejected. As we all know carbon monoxide and emission controls emit an onerous smell. Similar to a Poot, which was also rejected for obvious reasons.

3) Prawns. Rejected. Too prissy for the general public. Especially for those who say sce-nar-io instead of sce-nair-io.

4) Prissy. Rejected. Too many of the on-air commentators are prissy,and it may have distracted the viewing public. Were they talking about themselves or the storm?

5) Pimple. Rejected. For obvious reasons, Zit was considered until realized it began with a z.

6)Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers. Rejected. Copyright laws forbade the name. and the prissy commentators may have had trouble with the infamous tongue twisters.

7) Pi. Rejected. More confusion. Are we talking pie or pir2?

8) Pneumonia. Rejected. Viewers would expect the p to be pronounced in keeping with the "p" directives.

9) PhillyPhanatic. Rejected. Non baseball fans wouldn't get it.

10) Pear. Rejected, Avocado pear or bartlett pear. And what does either have to do with a storm?

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