Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Another Post From Yesteryear: Circa 2006 or 2005"

"Global Warming"

I am always amused by those who claim that global warming is wreaking havoc on the earth. How do they know? What scientific data have they read? And if they quote data, how reliable is it?

I have no idea if global warming exists. I'm too busy writing infantile forays "On Golden Pond" to know. Or to find out. And how do you find out? My sister, Olga, believes there is global warming. My brother-in-law, Francois, believes in global warming. And he's a conservative.

And, Shirley, Hillary Clinton, Bill, John Kerry, Michael Moore, and followers of their ilk believe in g.w.

I wonder how they know. What info are they privy, too, that I don't know. 

From last year, here's my take on global warming:

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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Thank God for Global Warming!
The weather outside is frightful
But inside it's so delightful.

Bangor, Maine is reporting temps of 29 below. Thank goodness for global warming. Or the poor souls of the northeast corner would REALLY be freezing their asses off. And the rest of the northeast is under a winter weather advisory. Must be an aberration, eh? Shirley, by next week, the world will return to normal and the polar icecaps will continue to melt as they make their assaults on Mother Earth.

Is it too late to swear in John Kerry? I-among others including Senator Boxer-demand a recount. Those poor disenfranchised voters who had to wait in long 
lines. And who had to give up the fight because their asses were cold, er,their legs hurt.

Damn, CBS, er, Fox news is showing the blizzard conditions in New York City. 3 feet of snow is expected. And Cleveland, Ohio, home to some of the d.v's. Snowing like crazy. "Nasty, nasty night" in Philadelphia claims the savvy Fox reporter doing an on-location "live" report. 16 degrees is expected at game time for tomorrow's NFL showdown.

In fact, the weather is "The Big Story" on Fox. And it's bad in Washington, D.C. as well. Thank goodness for global warming. Can you imagine the mess we'd be in tonite without it? I shudder [ pun unintended ] to think of the implications.

Uh oh. Here comes the obligatory "don't go out unless you have to." They've got to be kidding. Only an idiot would travel those roads. And idiots don't pay heed to
advisories so what's the point.

Global warming? Thank you oh omnipotent force. And may its force be with you. As your freezing your asses off.

Farewell and adieu, v.c.

P.S. Opting to go and get in my warm bed instead of engaging in postscripts, so's I'll have some ass left.

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