Friday, June 21, 2013

"Last Words?"

Saw this on Comcast.

Famous Sign-Offs

From the ironic to the absurd, see the final unforgettable utterances of some of the world's biggest stars. —Jeff Royer (Photos: Getty Images)
Which made me wonder what my last words might be. Perhaps....
1) How long on that white meat? ( A reference to my old job digs where it was a challenge to have enough white meat fried chicken. )
2) No, I don't need to squeeze my sponge! ( Aunt Madeline, who could pee in a steady stream for minutes coined this phrase. I witnessed her squeezing her sponge when we pulled off the road-instead of stopping at a gas station-to relieve ourselves on many jaunts to Florida and South Carolina.
3) Who did what to who?  ( Or would I say who do what to whom? )
4) I'm gonna shave my head and go down the railroad backwards. ( Another Aunt Madelineism ) 
5) She went to Etowah Diddly. ( Ditto-Aunt Mad again. )
6) I'm so glad to know Gilligan, the Skipper, Professor, et al made it off the island.
7) Gimme Shelter.
8) Farewell and adieu.
9) I always surmised it was true. Al Gore Did invent the internet.
10) What really happened on the grassy knoll?
11) Heetomahotomastinkarinkyfarmerdinkysallybunkawinktomanipcatsingsongkittywontchacowmeoh. ( sp ). Yep. Aunt Mad again!
12) And now as tears subside, I find it all so amusing. ( Apologies to Paul Anka, Frank, and the King )
13) I should have had a V-8.
14) Leggo my eggo.
15) More cowbell. ( Apologies to Bruce Dickinson ).
16) C.mon let's twist again. Like we did last summer.
17) Gimme back my bullets. Oooh that smell. ( Apologies to Lynyrd ).
18) We're gonna need a bigger boat. ( My favorite movie of all time ).
19) I should have been more like Bill Clinton. Smoked but didn't inhale. ( Apologies to Camels 99's in the blue pack-my smoke of choice ).
20) Bonjour. ( Apologies to the French internet model in the All State or is it State Farm commercials ).
21) Bad company and I can't deny.
22) Whattdaya mean it's 15 minutes on white meat? ( Chicken livers can be substituted as well ).



Anonymous said...

86 on white meat fried chicken!

rock on lubys

vietnamcatfish said...

Hope your doing well. How's Luby's these days. Pic is advertising. See them a lot on daytime tv. Saw one today on Judge Judy-don't raise your hand. Judge J is the queen of tv making a reported 48 million a year. And what will happen to Paula Deen, the ex queen of the food network? My mom loved watching Ms. Deen. Would have broken her heart.

P.S. I wish I had a dollar for every time I said, :"how long on that white meat?" At Hell Whole.

Anonymous said...

And for every first cook that said, "three minure!"

rock on lubys