Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome Back Slippery

Glad to have you back on the Pond, Slippery. You were missed.

Thanks for the kind words. The exchange between me and Keith was somewhat factual. We would have those conversations every night at bedtime. Because we were full of testosterone and were reaching our sexual peak, we were always enamored with the likes of Ms. December, Ms. August, and Ms. Whoever.

Good talking to you on the phone. We should get together and relive old times. And reminisce of Victory, Dixie ( which might not be pc these days ) slippery gentlemen, up up and away, peanut vendor, and while we're at it, a good old John Phillip Sousa march. 

And Beethoven's 5th symphony in 1/1 time.

Gimme Shelter, v.c.

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