Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Dear Cat"

Update time:

Ohio State is the new champion of college football. With a 3rd string quarterback to boot. Congrats to Urban Meyer.

Petrol or as we say in the U.S. ( gasoline ) is under the $2.00 mark. In my neck of the woods anyway. Who would have ever thunk it?

I played poker tonight at the "Half Shell" in Newnan, just outside of Golden Pond. Where they claim to have the best chili dogs in town. They are all right by me, but the prissy folks claim the food is nasty-not up to par. How can you mess up a hot dog? And the brunswick stew is much better than its counterpart at Smokey Bones. The latter establishment evokes the age old question: "where's the beef ?" Or pork in this case.

Anyway, I was victorious-got some good hands at advangeous times.   Won a $10.00 gift certificate-ain't life grand?

"Sex, sin, beer and wine; we're the class of '69" was our mantra back in the not so halcyon days of a time long long ago. As for my involvement: sex-only my hairdresser knows for sure-; sin-yes, I sinned; beer-yes, I indulged with my usual suspect of friends; and wine-yes, we partook in that activity as well. Mogan David was made in our neighborhood, and we, as young schoolboys, supported their business plan. More about price ( low ) than a sense of loyalty to our local bottlers.

My birthday was the day after Christmas. Happy 63 ( ouch ) to me.

2015? Already? Time flies when yer havin' fun! Eh?

I worked Christmas Eve; New Years Eve; and New Years Day!

The NFL is nearing Super Bowl Sunday. It's down to the Pack, Seahawks, Pats, and Colts.

Because I'm getting weary and "The Case of the Lonely Eloper"  ( Perry Mason ) is on tv, the author of this foray will bid adieu.

Gimme shelter et al.


Anonymous said...

I'm posting via my phone. Modern technology at its finest. Anonymous am I.

Anonymous said...

My proofreader fell asleep on the job. Might have to fire him. I want results, not excuses. Advantageous it is !